So you are going to the Caribbean, say, or some other worldwide destination to be married. Congratulations—a wonderful choice: those incredible memories will last a lifetime.

Why have me shoot your destination wedding? Isn’t it cheaper to go to the local pro?

Well, yes, probably. (Probably, not for sure, since the local pro will try to “up-sell you” photo by photo.) But leaving that alone, let’s look at the amazing benefits you get by choosing a destination photographer like me to shoot your event.

For one, you get coverage of the trip, not just of the day. I start shooting the day you arrive at your destination (if you leave from Toronto, I even start shooting at the airport when you and your fiancée prepare to leave!). And I continue until you leave (or until you arrive back, if we are on the same flight).

So you get what basically amounts to a week’s coverage, not a few hours’. And that means you get moments you would otherwise not get Family and friend pictures that show their characters. Coverage of some of your day trips. And that means you can concentrate on having fun, not just on lugging around cameras.

And by the time the wedding takes place, by then I know you and your family and friends, and they know me; and consequently, the pictures are very much more personal than they would be if the local pro sends an assistant to be with you for three hours, and they capture the atmosphere better than anyone local could hope for.

My presence throughout also means you get to shoot a “trash the dress” session., if you wish. And most importantly, there’s no rush, like in most weddings. Want the formals to be different, or want more of them? We can reshoot them the next day!

And finally, an advantage not to overlook: if you have questions or needs after the wedding, unlike the “local pro”, I am not half a continent away.

But isn’t this expensive?

Look at it this way. I will keep the cost down, of course, but you will also be paying for my accommodation and flight. But if you look at that in context, you start to realize that I shoot for days while charging only for the wedding; and in any case, the cost of the photographer is a small one in the grand scheme of things. And remember that the day after you return, all that money is gone—the only things that last are the rings and the photos. You deserve a permanent record: that way, the investment lives on forever.

But we have to use the local pro.

No, you do not. Sometimes you can pay to bring your own photographer; sometimes, I am your Uncle Mike. Sometimes, you or I will talk to the local pro and arrange things. There’s always a way. remember this: You are getting married and your wishes are paramount!

How long until we get the pictures?

Oh—I am quick. Weeks, not months, but better still, you will get some every day throughout the trip to post to Facebook or wherever you like!

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